Education in Ismailia: Top 15 Schools in Ismailia Egypt

In this article, you can learn about the top 15 schools in Ismailia to help you pick the best one. All these schools are in Ismailia city.

  1. Ismailia Experimental Language School – This school teaches kids different languages and is known for good education.
    • Address: J77H+2FM, El Sheikh Zayed, Ismailia 3, Ismailia Governorate 8365034, Egypt
    • Phone: +20 64 3209065
  2. El Salam Private Language School – A private school that focuses on language learning and has lots of activities for students.
    • Address: 37 شارع سعيد, Saeed St, Second Tanta, Gharbia Governorate, Egypt
    • Phone: +20 40 3312541
  3. St. Joseph School for Girls – An all-girls school that teaches good values and education, focusing on growing morally and spiritually.
    • Address:- 5th Stage El Sheikh Zayed 020 Ismailia Ismailia, Ismailia Governorate, Egypt 41111
    • Phone:- +20 64 3202533
  4. St. Joseph School for Boys – Like the girls’ school, but for boys, focusing on strong moral and spiritual education.
  5. El Nasr Boys’ School – A school for boys with a strong focus on subjects like science and math.
  6. El Nasr Girls’ College – A girls’ school that encourages strong academic performance, especially in science.
  7. International British School of Ismailia – This school follows the British education system and is great for students who want to study internationally.
  8. Future Generation International School – They teach using modern methods and focus on making students ready to be leaders.
  9. Suez Canal University – Mainly for older students, this university also helps local schools with community programs.
  10. Ismailia National School for Boys – Known for its strict environment and strong focus on studies.
  11. Ismailia National School for Girls – Similar to the boys’ school but designed for girls, focusing on both studies and personal growth.
  12. Sacred Heart School – A religious school that focuses on good values and strong academics.
  13. Manaret El Eman Language School – Another language school that prepares students to be confident in more than one language.
  14. Talae Al Mustaqbal Schools – These schools are modern and focus on using technology in education.
  15. Ismailia Military High School – This school prepares students for military careers and teaches discipline and leadership.

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