Jobs Without LMIA in Canada (July 2024)- Complete Guide

Do you have a dream to work in Canada ? Now it’s possible without the Labour Market Impact Assessment(LMIA) Process, there are certain categories for which you can apply directly.These categories include the highly skilled tech persons,sport persons and spiritual workers. In this article you will know about the jobs for which you don’t need to go through the LMIA process.

About LMIA : 

LMIA means Labour Market Impact Assessment. It’s a document that Canadian employers may need to get from the Canadian government before they can hire foreign workers temporarily. 

The purpose of the LMIA is to ensure that hiring candidates from abroad does not impact the Canadian labour market or any Canadian candidate not available for this post.

Jobs without LIMA
Jobs without LIMA

It comes under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) that ensures Canadian candidates get a fair chance at an available job position.

Working Without LMIA:

This is great news for all the international workers who want to work and settle permanently in Canada.Under the International Mobility Program(IMP) there are certain categories that are exempted for LMIA Process.This program aims to fill up the vacant job positions quickly to boost their economy and demographic needs.

Qualifications for LMIA-Exempt Job Categories : 

There are mainly three categories in which you can bypass the LMIA process and can direct apply for available job positions in Canada : 

  1. Adding High Contribution : 
  • Technical Jobs : Information Technology (IT) professionals are high in demand in Canada,so they can bypass the LMIA process.
  • Creative Fields : Open Job opportunities for art and entertainment guys.
  • Engineers : Any engineering professional with high skills and experience are welcome.
  • Work Yourself : If you want to work yourself in Canada,they welcome you.
  • Transfer within Company : Transferring your skills and experience within a company can advantage Canada.
  • Mobilité Francophone: This program welcomes candidates who are good in French-speaking.
  • Entrepreneurship : If you have a great business idea and want to open your business, Canada is the best place to launch out.
  • Entertainment Industry : High skilled candidates are needed in the film and television industry.
  1. Mutual Employment Exchange : 
  • Reputed Sport Persons : Sports personalities like Athletes and coaches that enhance the sports in Canada are welcome.
  • Learning Internationally : There are many programs in which students,professors and speakers from other countries exchange their ideas with Canadian talent.
  1. Community Service and Faith-Based Roles : 
  • Religious Worker : They guide their community in Canada.
  • Making a difference : Contributing to worthy causes.

Steps to apply for without LMIA Jobs in Canada : 

  1. Get a Job Offer : First step is to get a valid job offer for your skills and experience from your Canadian employer.This implies that your skills are highly demanded in Canada and not fulfilled by local candidates.
  1. Employer Submit Offer Through Online Portal : Once you get a job offer, your employer needs to submit it through the IMP’s Employer Portal. This IMP platform streamlines the process for both employers and international workers.
  1. Apply For Work Permit : In this process you’ll need to submit the application for a work permit to work officially in Canada.This process takes time according to your situation, so regularly check the official Canadian website for updates and timelines.(Link)

FAQs : 

How can I be exempt from the LMIA process to work in Canada ?

You can Bypass the LMIA process by getting an open work permit to work in Canada.Once you get an open work permit you can work for any company without needing an LMIA.

What is the IMP program? 

The IMP program refers to the International Mobility Program that allows some job categories to be exempt from the LMIA process. This program prioritizes roles that benefit Canada’s economic, social, and cultural landscape.

How can I get a job offer without an LMIA?

Your employer don’t need to go through the LMIA process if:
You have already worked for your employer for at least a year under a valid work visa.
You have a valid job offer and an LMIA-exempt work permit due to:
An international agreement between Canada and your home country.
A federal-provincial agreement within Canada.
The “Canadian interests” category, which recognizes the unique value you bring to the Canadian economy.

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