AGRA Job Opportunities (July 2024) : Explore Current Job Openings, Advantage and Application Process :

AGRA(Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa) is an organization in Africa whose prime focus is transforming the agriculture sector and uplifting the small farmers’ standards of living. AGRA Africa provides the improved seeds and fertilizers to small farmers to grow more foods,so they can enhance their life. AGRA offers exciting job opportunities for those … Read more

Jobs Without LMIA in Canada (July 2024)- Complete Guide

Do you have a dream to work in Canada ? Now it’s possible without the Labour Market Impact Assessment(LMIA) Process, there are certain categories for which you can apply directly.These categories include the highly skilled tech persons,sport persons and spiritual workers. In this article you will know about the jobs for which you don’t need … Read more

SABS Recruitment -Current Job openings and application process(July 2024)  

The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) is a statutory body of the South African government whose goal is to improve the quality of products and services by setting standards,testing them and certifying that they meet these standards.This bureau made SABS to highly respective body that ensure the quality of products and standards.If you like … Read more

Fruit picking jobs in Canada 2024 : Apply Online & Companies

The Agricultural sector in Canada is a major key part of its economy, and natural product picking(specially fruit picking jobs), a crucial portion of the agriculture sector, offers good pay and the chance to gain valuable work experience for thousands of workers,including many foreign worker to get seasonal employment.So it has become a popular job … Read more