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Welcome to Edu Ismailia Blog. This blog is dedicated to technical news and job opportunities. On this blog, PK Choudhary writes about AI and Machine Learning, providing technical information and available job opportunities in these fields. He also leads a team of five intern AI and ML developers. All articles on this blog are deeply researched, with information sourced from trusted websites and university portals.

About PK Choudhary

PK Choudhary is an AI developer and blogger from India. He holds an MSc in Mathematics from NIT Trichy, Tamil Nadu, and is currently pursuing a Data Science and Machine Learning course from Scaler Academy. PK Choudhary enjoys tackling complex mathematical AI problems and has a passion for cricket.

Team Members

  • Rohan Deshmukh (India)
  • Ananya Iyer (India)
  • Alex Johnson (USA)
  • Emily Davis (USA)
  • Priya Patel (India)