LMIA approved jobs (July 2024):Visa Sponsored Jobs and Application Process Opportunities to work in Canada :

Is Your dream to work in Canada ? Now it can be reality, Because the Canadian government is offering LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) approved work visas for foreigners to join the Canada’s Market and work in their preferred companies in Canada.

Canada is known for its friendly welcome to persons from diverse backgrounds.In 2024, there are plentiful jobs for international workers, possible due to the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process.

What is LMIA ? 

LMIA means Labour Market Impact Assessment. It’s a document that Canadian employers may need to get  before they can hire international workers temporarily. 

The purpose of the LMIA is to ensure that hiring persons from other countries for jobs in Canada does not negatively impact the Canadian labour market.

Companies need to show : 

  • There is no person available in Canada for this job position.
  • Hiring a person will not have adverse effects on Canadian citizens for wages and working conditions.
  • Workers from another country will get good pay and wages.
  • Workers will get help in language and other things.
  • If LMIA says yes, the company can hire workers from another country for specific positions.
LMIA approved jobs
LMIA approved jobs

How LMIA is approved?

  • Companies fill up the form with related information about the job vacancies and recruitments.
  •  A government person checks all the information related to the job and makes sure there is no worker available in Canada for this job position.
  • Once LMIA is approved,the company gets a letter and workers use this letter to seek a work permit.

Many Workers from another country typically need an LMIA Like : 

  • TFWP : It stands for Temporary Foreign Worker Programme.In this programme Canada allows companies to hire foreign workers to fill temporary labour and skill shortage when skilled Canadian citizens are not available. 
  • IMP : It stands for International Mobility Programme. It also allows employers to hire candidates from foreign countries.
  • Students who are working in other countries and they wish to work in Canada need to go through LMIA process to get job in Canada.

Don’t need for LMIA for some cases like: 

  • Workers who are working for themselves.
  • Workers who are working at religious occupations.
  • Workers who are working at camp.

Reason to choose Canada so much : 

  • Environment : Canada is known for its multiculturalism and diversity.That’s why so many people from various countries choose Canada as a desirable workplace.
  • Job Opportunities : By 2025, Canada has a big goal to enter 5,00,000 workers from various countries to work in Canada to  boost their economy and fill the shortage of job workers.
  • Quality of life : The country has boosted their excellent education, healthcare, safety and social services for their residents.There are also providing health premium and good quality of education for their residents.

Companies with LMIA in July 2024 : 

  1. Amazon Canada : Amazon Canada is the branch of the global E-commerce giant Amazon . It offers a market palace for customers where they can buy items like clothes, electronic items, grocery,books etc.They are also providing third party sellers to list their items at Amazon platform and sell them.
  2. Apple Inc. : Apple Inc. is one of the  biggest technology company in the world and they known for manufacturing,designing and selling customers electronic, software and online services.
  3. Deloitte Canada : It is also one of the leading company which is providing audit, tax,consultation,business risk and financial advisory services to their client.
  4. Microsoft Canada : They are offering cloud,software and hardware services.
  5. Walmart Canada : It is the biggest retail giant offering services like consumer good,electronics,home appliance and much more.
  6. Starbucks Coffee Company : They serve coffee ,tea and baked goods.
  7. McDonald’s Canada : They serve burgers, pizzas,fries and much more .

Not only these companies give LMIA job visas to foreigners .But there are many more companies in this list which provide LMIA job visas. According to your interest you need to go to their official websites and check if there is any job position available for you.If there are position available in field of your interest then you can apply there and after a getting LMIA job visas then you can apply for a work permit to work in Canada.

Steps to Use the Job Bank : 

  1. Search the Job Bank Website: First of all you visit the official Job Bank website of the Government of Canada. You can easily access it by searching “Job Bank Canada” in your search engine.
  2. Check Job Opportunities: Once you go to  the Job Bank website, you can start checking  job opportunities for you by using the search function. You can easily search for jobs by keyword or  job title.
  3. Filter Your Search: You can use the filters which are available on the website to narrow down your search results based on factors like job type, education level and range of salary.
  4. Check LMIA Status: If you are an foreign job seeker and want to take the opportunity to work in Canada . Your focus should be on “LMIA Approved” or “LMIA Exempt.” These type of jobs don’t need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for international workers.
  5. Review Your Job Postings: You should review the job opportunity that matches your application. You need to look at the job description , qualifications needed and other things which are mentioned by the company.
  6. Apply for Jobs: When you find a job that matches with  your interest. You need to follow the application instructions provided by the company.you need to submit your resume ,cover letter and any other documents which are mentioned by the company to the direct company website or job bank portal.
  7. Stay connected: You need to check the Job Bank portal regularly for new job postings and any updates. 

By this line of instruction you can effectively search your job at the job bank portal.

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