Canada Carbon Rebate (CCR) for Families & individuals June 2024

CCR (Canada Carbon Rebate) formally known as Climate Action Incentive Program(CAIP) provides tax-free money to help eligible individuals or families to cover the extra from carbon emission tax. It includes a basic amount and an extra amount for those who are living in small or rural communities.

The aim of this program is to reduce the pollution in the country by levying tax on fossil fuel products like diesel, natural gas and gasoline which are the major source of the carbon emission. The revenue collected by this carbon tax helps the Canadian government to control pollution within the country by running various programs related to carbon emission.The rebate amount helps Canadian individuals to offset higher costs due to the carbon tax and make their life easier to manage expenses.

Eligibility Criteria For CCR Payments : 

You will eligible for CCR payments if you fulfill all the following requirements before the payment month:

  • You must need to be a citizen of Canada before payment month.
  • You need to be a resident of applicable CCR provinces at the beginning of the payment month
  • 1. Alberta   2. Manitoba    3. New Brunswick 4. Newfoundland and Labrador   5. Nova Scotia 6. Ontario 7. Prince Edward Island       8. Saskatchewan
  • You must need to at least 19 years old before the payments months or if you are under the 19 year you need to meet at least one of the following condition : 
    • You have a spouse or you are living with a common law partner.
    • You are a parent and lived with your children.
    • You have filed your taxes as an individual living in Canada on December 31st of the previous year.

Eligibility Criteria For Children

If the child is registered for Canada child benefit (CCB) then a credit will be included in the calculation of CCR payment.

If your child is not enrolled in CCB then you need to register them for the CCR using the RC66 Canada Child Benefits form.

Canada Carbon Rebate
Canada Carbon Rebate

Your child will be eligible if all the below conditions are met on the starting of the payment month : 

  • Your child must be under 19 years of age.
  • Your child must be living with you.
  • You are the responsible for the care and upbringing of your child.
  • Your child is registered for the CCR or already enrolled with CCB.

Expectation and Payment Dates For CCR Payments : 

  • If You have filed your taxes electronically before March 15,2024, then you should get your CCR payment before April 15,2024.
  • If you have filed your taxes after March 15,2024, then you can expect your CCR payment within the 6-8 weeks after your tax file has been assessed. 
  • The CCR also includes the additional funds for those who are living in small or rural communities.To claim the additional benefits you must tick the box on page 2 of your income tax.

CCR Benefits amount for Provinces : 

The amount you will get through the CCR payments depends on several factors like in which province you are living and what is your adjusted net income.Here below a list has given according to provinces and their receivable amounts for CCR payment : 

ProvinceIndividualSpouse/Common law PartnerPer child (Under 19 years)First child in single parent family
Alberta225 CAD112.50 CAD56.25 CAD112.50 CAD
Manitoba150 CAD75 CAD37.50 CAD75 CAD
New Brunswick95 CAD47.50 CAD23.75 CAD47.50 CAD
Newfoundland149 CAD74.50 CAD37.25 CAD74.50 CAD
Nova Scotia103 CAD51.50 CAD25.75 CAD51.50 CAD
Ontario140 CAD70 CAD35 CAD70 CAD
Prince Edward Island110 CAD55 CAD27.50 CAD55 CAD
Saskatchewan188 CAD94 CAD47 CAD94 CAD

How will you get the CCR payments ? 

The rebate amount will be distributed by the Canadian Revenue Agency(CRA).This amount will be deposited into your bank account directly or you can get the amount through cheque if the direct deposit is not available.Make sure you have updated your contact and bank detail properly to get your money without any hassle.

Summary : 

The CCR funds are necessary for many Canadians to reduce their financial burden from carbon tax. By participating in the CCR program you contribute to the Canadian government effort to reduce carbon emission and create a better future. For Rural communities the rebate amount is 20% more because of their higher dependency on fossil fuel need and limited access to cleaner their transportation option.

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